With only 105 days left until Halloween, merchants have already begun to Pounce™ on the two latest meme crazes by combining mockery of Jill Biden’s racist comparison of hispanics to tacos with comedian Alex Stein’s backhanded cat-calling of AOC that triggered her into admitting that January 6th was an inside job by Capitol Police.

Spirit Halloween is now offering a Big Booty Latina costume for a “Special Inflation Price” of $69.99 due to the inclusion of an extra piece for padding the backside. The description for the meme costume not only takes aim at Jill Biden with taco-related puns but also savages AOC’s fiancé Riley Roberts for his total lack of chivalry in handling the heckler himself, instead scurrying away at first sight of an Alpha male and letting AOC make a complete fool of herself once again.

When asked for comment about the sure to be controversial outfit, a spokesperson for Spirit Halloween simply said, “The Big Booty Latina costume offers a wonderful opportunity to make onlookers both hungry and horny this Halloween season.”

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