Universal’s upcoming movie about the war in Ukraine, Mein Kyiv, has finally found its star. Wanting to keep the role as true to life as possible, the studio decided to cast notorious crisis-actor Richard Spencer for the lead role of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Spencer is best known for his previous role alongside former CNN Assignment Editor Jason Kessler in the Charlottesville Unite The Right psy-op, as well as numerous other public performances where he played a white nationalist Neo-Nazi who is conveniently protected by the FBI.

“Richard has established himself as the preeminent Neo-Nazi actor in American political theater and we’re excited to see his transition to international politics on the big screen,” said Executive Producer Paul Joseph Goebbels III. “He’s a perfect fit for Zelenskyy—the similarity in their Sieg Heils will give audiences chills.”

Wanting to capitalize on the Neo-Nazi fervor sweeping across America in the wake of The Donetsk People’s Republic and The Luhansk People’s Republic declaring their independence from Ukraine, production is being rushed with release scheduled for July 4th, 2023.

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