As part of Mars Global’s attempt to pander to the gullible—and highly profitable—woke crowd, the company is accused in a class-action lawsuit of stealthily producing M&M’s with broken or misshapen peanuts in the form of the classic Milk Chocolate M&M’s. The lawsuit alleges that Mars sold the masquerading Peanut M&M’s without any disclosure or allergy warnings to unsuspecting customers during Trans Awareness week in November 2021. The publicity stunt hospitalized dozens worldwide, killing four.

Mars denies any responsibility, with a spokeswomxn saying the Peanut M&M’s self-identified as Milk Chocolate and that people who had an allergic reaction upon eating their intentionally mislabeled M&M’s were simply “transphobic bigots”. Independent fact-checkers from Snopes have labeled the class-action lawsuit a conspiracy theory, saying that it is completely false that anyone can have an allergic reaction from trans-M&M’s who have changed their identity. 

The trial is set to begin on April 1st, 2023.  

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