The Senate narrowly passed a bill on Monday that criminalizes snitching on hate hoaxes and makes it punishable by hanging from the nearest tree. It sailed through the House of Representatives last month, and President Biden is expected to sign it.

Under the bill, named the Don’t Say Jussie Act after the famous French actor Jussie Smollett, a person can be federally prosecuted for testifying against fellow co-conspirators when an alleged hate crime is exposed as a fraud.

“Tonight the Senate passed my anti-snitching legislation, taking a necessary and long-overdue step toward upholding the lived experiences of the victims of MAGA terrorists,” Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., wrote on Twitter. “After working on this issue since that fateful cold night in Chicago three years ago, I am glad to have partnered with Democratic colleagues to finally send a message to would-be betrayers.”

“Lynching is a longstanding and uniquely Democrat tradition of racial terror that has for decades been used to maintain our white hierarchy,” said the Mayor of Polaski, TN. “We’re thrilled that it’s being employed as a punishment for those who would follow in the Osundairo brothers’ footsteps of exposing our race hustle.”

Also included in the bill are misdemeanors for any journalists who publish facts which contradict official dogma, specifically criminalizing the acts of Pouncing, Dog-Piling, and Badgering the Press Secretary.

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