Despite being another great American success story, Chef Boyardee has become the target of a cancel campaign. Triggered by the caricature logo of a successful white man—Hector Boiardi—almost as badly as they were by a successful black woman—Aunt Jemima—liberals are demanding that the beloved Italian be removed from packaging.

Incited by Democrat lawmakers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who went on Twitter to claim that Chef Boyardee’s Mini ABC’s and 123’s promote racism because “literacy is, like, literally white supremacy”, Antifa/BLM terror cells have threatened to burn, loot, and murder again this summer unless the logo was changed.

Faced with the wrath of an invigorated rage mob and a do-nothing Department of Justice, ConAgra Brands, Inc. caved in and cancelled the iconic Chef Boyardee from its products on Tuesday, replacing him with a generic brand name—Tomato Milling Company. It has also discontinued all products that can in any way be construed as educational.

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